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Bio-Ferm represents a new crossroads in herbal technology where Old World meets New World and tradition meets technology. This cutting-edge process of herbal extraction and fermentation allows Hobé Labs to provide hair and skin care products with a synergistic blend of natural herbs and botanicals that enhance each product’s performance.


Bio-Ferm utilizes a multi-stage proprietary process to extract a specific blend of herbs indigenous to three worldwide geographic regions—each renowned for its diverse, naturally occurring and efficacious plant life… from both land and sea.


 From North and South America come herbs native to  the desert—Jojoba, which provides a nutrient base rich in triglycerides  and minerals, plus Yucca Root for its cleansing, moisturizing, and  soothing properties. From South America comes Soapbark, known for its  gentle cleansing qualities. Arnica flowers and Juniper from the northern  United States help soothe and reduce irritation. 

Europe  provides herbs from the Alps, the Mediterranean, and the Northern  Plains. Horsetail, which provides a high silica content, strengthens  hair and skin cells; Rosemary to stimulate blood flow; Kelp for its  revitalizing, nourishing, and antiseptic benefits; and Chamomile for  reducing irritation.


From the Orient comes carefully selected species of  Green Tea, the liquid base for the Bio-Ferm Herbal Complex, which has  been used since ancient times to provide effective antioxidant  protection because of its naturally occurring polyphenols. 

Each  herb is carefully selected for its natural constituents and blended in  specific proportions to maximize the effect of those herbal residuals in  hair and skin care products. The primary extraction is made with  purified, filtered water to preserve the integrity of the herbs,  followed by a unique secondary enzymatic process, which boosts the  extraction and enhances the third and most important stage of the  process.


In the third  stage, a carefully monitored fermentation process utilizing a complex  mixture of yeasts, similar to those used to produce the finest  champagne, is bio-enhanced to convert the extracted herbs into a  high-potency, vitamin-enriched product. 


Hobé’s now retired British-trained chemist, Peter Samuell, incorporated special fermentation techniques learned over 40  years of extracting botanical and natural fruit products and developed  this elaborate multi-stage process. The complex Bio-Ferm process has  been further refined through stringent laboratory testing to provide  unsurpassed product quality.

In  short, Bio-Ferm is not the end product of a high-speed chemical  process. It’s governed as much by the laws of nature as it is by the  laws of chemistry. In fact, production times are measured in weeks and  months rather than hours and days—and are carefully timed to coincide  with one the greatest influences on the Earth—the moon. For thousands of  years man has seen the effect of the moon on the tides and cyclical  animal behavior. For this reason, Bio-Ferm batches are carefully planned  to coincide with specific phases of the moon. While this may not be the  quickest method, we believe it is one of the most obvious examples of  the care and pride we take in producing outstanding, natural ingredient  health and beauty products.