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Contract Manufacturing



Hobé Laboratories is proud to offer a variety of  contract manufacturing services for those looking to create or build  their own brand categories. We are widely recognized as a knowledgeable  and capable full-service, contract manufacturing company, in addition to  self-manufacturing our own Hobé brands.

We  fully understand that the quality of the products we produce is not  only a reflection of our company, but also of our valued customers as  well. We are an FDA registered facility that adheres to strict GMP,  quality control, and production procedures to ensure consistent,  innovative products. Office, formulation, production, and warehouse  operations are combined in our 12,000 square foot modern facility  located in beautiful Tempe, Arizona. 

Research and Development

 We regularly meet with the most innovative raw material suppliers from  around the world to stay up to date on the latest in botanical,  chemical, and technological advances. 

Product Development

 Hobé Laboratories is filled with various seasoned formulas and  technicians experienced in all phases of product development. Our lab will develop your new request or reformulation with enthusiasm and the  desire to achieve something new and of the highest quality. 

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

 Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices is always at the forefront  of what we do and the accomplishment of this task is a reflection of the  pride in what we do. Our clients are welcome to stop in and inspect our  processes and manufacturing facility, so please don’t hesitate to ask. 


 We are always striving to modernize our processes so that they best  utilize our capacities and facility. Our compounders and batch makers  receive regular training educating them about raw materials and their  safe handling, ensuring the finished product transitions completely from  development to manufacturing.

Quality Assurance

 Hobé Labs works under the strict guidelines of Standard Operating  Procedures, which are continually reviewed to meet FDA regulations. They  specify in detail how raw materials, packaging, and all received goods  are to be handled, processed, monitored, and documented. 

Product Quality

 While Hobé Labs is registered with the FDA,  compliance is a daily task involving ongoing long-term studies and  record keeping. Assuring the product quality is reliable and consistent  from batch-to-batch, to packaging, to long-term stability in the package  itself is an intensive process requiring extensive time and resources.  


As a premier contract manufacturing facility, we can  meet most of your formulation and contract manufacturing needs for a  wide variety of products.

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